Saturday, March 14, 2009

El Centro NAF 3/14/09 airshow photos

Top is a Harrier jump jet 2nd is the B-52 strato fortress 3rd is the C-17 and 4th and last is 2 B-1 Lancers

Friday, March 13, 2009

3/14/09 El Centro airshow

On the 14th of march 2009 i am going to an air show at El centro NAF. It is going to be such a BLAST! The blue angels have been there before and they have had many other things stand by for photos of the airshow.

Friday the 13th. Is it really unlucky?

This is the second friday the 13th of this year so far and i want to know is it really unlucky? It seems that it is actually a better day than other days!

The jaguar slash (CHIS school newspaper)

Hey have you seen the school newspaper lately? have you ever wanted to write in it? WELL YOU CAN! If you want to join the school newspaper then come to the computer lab in the main biulding after school on Wensdays after school there will be late buses and it ends at 4:20.

Online game called ogame!

Hey has anyone ever heard of an online game called ogame? It is a text based online stragie game and is very addicting! If you are interested in playing it go to and sign up in Universe 34 and then message the person called Tritan by clicking the search button on the side toolbar and then in the search bar type Tritan and click the message icon. then message me if you have any Questions about the game!

Hello I am officialjake!

Hello i am officialjake i am a student at CHIS and love to make paperairplanes! throughout my blog you will find posts and possibly videos of how to make paper airplanes and other stuff too!